How to kill "Rhizoecus spp"


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Could you confirm what the active insecticide in Confidor is? I think that it is imidacloprid. If it is imidacloprid then the equivalent product in the UK would be Provado and I have read posts where people have successfully controlled mealybug (Rhizoecus) in Cephalotus using Provado as a soil drench. However; I have never read a post about mealybugs treatment on Nepenthes.

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Yes, the the active insecticide in Confidor is imidacloprid. I've read about people who have used it on the leaves of Nepenthes, but not in the irrigation water as it would be the only way to remove the mealubugs (I think).

I´ve used neem oil on other pests like aphids on my droseras, and I could´t remove them

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Hi alipe,

I've used Confidor in the irrigation water to get rid of scale that infested my neps few years ago.

Imidacloprid is systemic insecticide - that means it will be absorbed by roots and travel throughout the plant, effectively killing every susceptible insect feeding on it. Generally that means most insects (but not mites!).

There's only one catch - it smells really bad and that smell persist for weeks after irrigation.

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Hi Major, thanks for your reply. Do you think it´s necessary to repeat the treatment?


Always happy to help :).

Since it's systemic, one watering should be enough. When I treated my plants for scale, I just poured the solution into water trays (3-4 cm).

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