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Blooming Aldrovandas

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Summer with record heat here in Sao Paulo / Brazil, and tanks in Aldrovanda with new flowers opening daily.

Among the emerging flower buds of the flowering stem from 4 to 7 days, the tiny, delicate flower with the petals remains fully open for only 1 hour. In the days following the pedicel longer be bent and bud is submerged.






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Thanks for the words of encouragement! :twisted:

Here, in my tanks, flowering Aldrovanda, there has been a rare event.

Since 2002, when I received the first turions happened 6 summers with flowering (2003, 2004, 2005, 2008, 2009 and 2010).

This year the number of flowers was amazing, to nearly 40 flower buds in my small aquarium of 27 liters (30x30x30cm).

I believe a major reason was very strong heat did here this year.



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Hi Claudio,

I will provide a photo of the aquarium, but remember that almost 40 flowers bloomed from October 2009 until today (autumn here already has begun and still has another bud is developing).

Almost every week there were 1 to 3 flowers opening in the tank.

Flowers open simultaneously occurred only 2 times. Once in January and now again in early April.

The flowers remain open a few hours and already the next day, are bent back into the water.

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That's great Alex! It should be noted that your growing conditions are south of the Equator! I should also mention that the red forms are far more easily brought to flower than the green forms for some strange reason. Yet, for me, they (the green forms) flower profusely ONLY after they have a very warm spell BEFORE June 21 (Summer Solstice), whereby they experience at least 14 days of water temps that are at least 30oC (90oF), and then, they will flower during the first two weeks of July, perhaps longer depending on the prey availability and the abundance of food. - Rich

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Hi Claudio,

I'm sorry for the delay but I was traveling for work ...

I made some photos of the small aquarium where I keep some of Aldrovanda. The tank where the bloom occurred...




Last week, when I made the photo even had the last two flowers closing ...

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Wow! First time I see aldrovanda blooming in cultivation! Great job, you certainly know how to please them right!:-) Thank you for sharing these amazing pictures.

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