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Possible New Philippine taxon - Nepenthes sp. G


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Hi CPUK forum members,

During my travels in the Philippines, I was fortunate to meet up with Chi'en Lee, and together we climbed a mountain.

We encountered an interesting Nepenthes taxon. While it grows no where near N. mira, it definitely seems most closely related to that species.

I just returned today from this expedition, and am about to start a comparative study of this taxon with N. mira to establish how the two plants differ, if indeed, they are significantly and consistently distinct.

I thought I would share some photos in case you may assist in comparing this new taxon - N. sp. G - with your cultivated N. mira plants.

Currently N. mira is known only from Cleopatra's Needle - a small peak in northern Palawan. The plant grows only on the very top of the mountain, and we still have relatively little idea of the full diversity of that species - especially since it most likely occurs on other (unexplored) peaks nearby.

So any thoughts regarding how the plant below compares to your N. mira plants would be appreciated. Please feel free to contact me directly here - Contact













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It's amazing how this species reminds of so many others: mira, of course, but also, mantalingahanensis, deaniana, bellii and even sibuyanensis and villosa (last shot)!

A great find!


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This species has been formerly described and the description will be published in Stewart McPherson new books. These will be available in the following days.

"Nepenthes gantungensis, a new pitcher plant species from Mount Gantung, Palawan, Philipines. 2010. McPherson S., J. Cervancia, C. Lee, M. Jauzems, A. Fleischmann, F. Mey, E. Gironella, A. Robinson. In: S.R. McPherson. Carnivorous Plants in their Habitats. Redfern Natural History Productions Ltd., Poole (Appendix).

All the best,


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