Feeding preferences of U.gibba

Bob H

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Does anyone know the prefered food of U.gibba?

Having taken a peek at what is in their water, some paramecium and just a few cyclops, I'm at a loss as to how to encourage their growth. I know lots of you say they do well in your water trays, but I'm trying to grow them in isolation away from other inmates.

cheers chaps and chapesses :wink:

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My mate has a good "culture" of gibba growing in a bucket that was used for keeping daphnia in for fish food. The bucket had a huge range of things living in it, and the gibba just went nuts. The gibba has slowed down but it is winter now. I would seed a bucket (actualy just fill it) with healthy pond water and don't wory about to much nutrient. The bucket was pretty filthy when the gibba went in. Just add light!

It dosn't even need that much light as it can become a weed in fish tanks.

What about trying a bucket of pond water, add a banana skin and gibba. The banana skin will kick off an infusoria culture and get the whole thing off to a start. I'm gona try this!! :wink:


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