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Fernando Rivadavia

Serra do Cipó, Minas Gerais state, SE Brazil

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Carlos, the plants from Rio are unusual in being white. All the others I've seen were purplish or pinkish.


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On 1/8/2010 at 6:27 PM, Fernando Rivadavia said:

Aaaarrgh!!! :biggrin:

PLEASE forget/delete this name "chrysolosa" from your heads! I think maybe Sundew Matt coined this unfortunate name up a few years ago based on what he thought it looked like. I curse the day this name was invented, hahaha!

First of all, neither D.villosa nor D.ascendens are known to grow in the Serra do Cipó. Therefore, D.sp. "Cipó" CAN NOT be a hybrid between D.chrysolepis & D.villosa.

When I first discovered D.sp.Cipó in 1996/7 I initially thought it was a hybrid between D.chrysolepis & D.tentaculata, which were growing nearby. But after seeing them growing in isolated populations and studying them over many years, I am convinced this is a separate species.

The fact that a few people weren't able to get a single batch of seeds to germinate is not proof of hybrid origin, hehehe. We had the same problem with D.schwackei for many years, leading me to think it was a hybrid for a long time.

We're not sure yet, but the evidence does seem to point in this direction. :) No seed yet.

Thanks!! :)

Once again, notice I mentioned that a single germination experiment did not work, hehehe. This doesn't mean the hybrid is sterile, we need more data in order to prove/disprove this hypothesis. I actually believe this one is fertile. As for othr hybrids, I have no data one way or the other yet.

Best wishes,


for the record, i jokingly said "...can we just call itchrysolosa  to avoid confusion??? :) "
i wasn't being serious. so is anyone growing this chrysolosa looking thing now?



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