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N. jacquelineae

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Here are some pics of a small N. jacquelineae taken over the course of a year,

December 2008


March 2009






July 2009





December 2009

Couple pics on an inflating pitcher

From the top



January 2010

The newest pitcher to open


This N. jacquelineae is a Wistuba clone and will continue to darken up with time.


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Wow :wink: beautiful plant :biggrin: amazing colouration and a wonderful plants :D (and some nice pings there too, lovely colours :) )

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Thanks guys,

Hi Milos Sula,

I grow all of my Nepenthes under fluorescent lights in my basement. Most of my plants are still of a manageble size and are growing in either five or six inch diameter plastic pots.

The pots are in seedling trays, with no additional covering under the lights during the day.

The daytime temps are around 20C/70F.

For humidity, I have placed a top dressing of lfs on the potting media surface. With the plants huddled close together, there seems to be enough humidity to keep them in a pitchering mood.

Most of the Neps are grown under four foot T8 6500k lights, but I have added a couple of T5 fixtures in a couple of areas. T5's are nice, but they do throw out noticeably more heat into the growing area.

At night I spray down all of my Neps, place a seven inch high propagation dome over them, and move them all into a cooler place in the house. Most of the highland Neps get nightime lows of 6-9C during the winter and 10-13C during the summer.

In the morning, I move them all back to the growing area, remove the domes and place them back under the lights.

I know this is a bit labor intensive, but like I said they are still of a manageable size. Once they start to vine more, I will be forced to come up with a different solution for their growing concerns. But for the present time it seems to be working well for me.

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