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Here is a sequence of shots of my favourite resultant clone of a hybrid project I undertook in 2006 using a purple variant of S. flava var. rubricorpora from Liberty Co (ref. McPherson, Pitcher Plants of the Americas) and my tallest S.leucophylla.

As in all the clones produced in the project the pitchers of this specimen exhibit the colour genetics of the rubricorpora parent becoming very dark as the summer progresses as well as expressing the trait of that variety of S.flava in only producing a few pitchers. A few additional pitchers may be produced at this time of the season but the hybrid is more likely to set phyllodia as per flava and this is the case with this particular clone.

In addition, the height of the leucophylla parent has been carried through with this clone reaching 1 metre.

The first half of the sequence starts with pitchers as they were in November with the second half as they look now in December at the height of their mid-summer colour as viable leaves before the gradual onset of what I call the false colour of late season pitcher degradation. In last photo note the plant in its position at the right of the display bog in the foreground, growing outdoors as with all my plants

I am extremely happy with this result and hope you get a sense of it from these images.















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