Tropical Utricularia with interesting foliage


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Hi all,

I currently have a healthy 2ft terrarium with some tropical Drosera and Utricularia growing well, and am looking for suggestions for some interesting additions. I already grow some tropical Utrics (I think U.graminifolia, U.odorata, an unwell U.parthenopipes, U.nephrophila and possibly U.praelonga, if it still survives as a weed).

I'm going to add U.reniformis and U.pubescens, but any other suggestions for small (preferably non invasive) and interesting Utrics would be appreciated. "Interesting" would extend to any Utrics which have foliage that does not just look like tiny blades of grass :suicide_fool-edit:


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How about Utricularia calycifida? It has interesting leaves with purple veining. I have one in my small terrarium and it's just coming into flower.

Ah yes, I actually used to have one of these, how odd that it should slip my mind :suicide_fool-edit:

They are quite pretty plants, although the one I had never reached it's full potential and sadly passed on after about a year of average growth. I think in my new set up it should probably thrive.

I actually found this website (below) which has really good photos of some interesting species.


I think I'll try hunt down U.reniformis, U.pubsecens, U.nephrophylla and U.nelumbifolia, as well as U.menziessi.

The trouble I have is that I have yet to see my specimens flower, which would aid ID. I received my Utrics from Marcus Rossberg, and many have either lost their ID or were swapped into new pots without ID attached. I'm sure people with more experience could ID at a glance, but I get stuck with some of the similar forms. It will be nice to buy some with definite ID's. :)

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For the U. reniformis, consider the f. courte from BCP. It is a vigorous grower that stays relatively small. In addition, it's leaves have a different quality to them than other varieties (in addition to the wavy-leaf thing).

For another leaf shape, try U. tricolor (although you're not likely to see many blooms ...)

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Easy ones:

Picture004-5.jpgU. livida

Picture002-4.jpgU. sandersonii (white)

Picture094.jpgU. sandersonii (blue)

IMG_0027-2.jpgU. calcyfida

IMG_0010-1.jpgU. dichotoma

IMG_0052-1.jpgU. prehensilis

IMG_0003.jpgU. warburgii

IMG_0028-1.jpgU. grammifolia

IMG_0018-1.jpgU. bisquamata

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