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Hi people, this plants blomming im my home (12/12/2009 pictures).

I love brazilian CPs, but I liked this sundews, so beautiful.

Thanks for my friend Ignace for sending seeds to me :thumright: :

Drosera burmannii. Sha TauKok (near China Border), Hong Kong.




Drosera burmannii. Humpty Doo, NT, Australia.




This Echinodorus sp., grow in the D. capillaris pot, wo know?

It's Echinodorus tenellus?



Good week for all!

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Hmmm.... plain whorl....great illustration!

Plain whorl? I'll have you know that's an ulnar loop! (or perhaps a tented arch!) :thumright:


I love the three-petalled flower - Magnifique!!!

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Thanks guys!

This Echinodorus sp. is common in aquarium, underwater. Lives in same habitat of D. capillaris and D. brevifolia, in 'Ilha de Santa Catarina'

(a island, in southern Brasil). I have E. grandiflorus, E. latifolius, E. bleheri and E. martii too, it's a beautiful genus.

I can not wait to put this spring in the sun, so it's beautiful red! :wink::lol:

It's less dark-red, adjusted because the image was 'very clear' :thumright:


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Hi Carlos,

I'm glad you like them!! Very dewy plants and beautiful flowers. :tu:

I like their "snap" tentacles, just touch it and.....

Thanks for sharing them!


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