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Welcome in my brand new greenhouse !!

Finally, since 3 years that I was wishing it, now it's the magic moment !

Now I can sleep quietly and safety, while outside there will come the rain, the snow, the hail, the wind, the grasshoppers, the neighborough's cat, the indiscrete eyes of the curious ones, the cigarette's ash of the man who was living up my flat, the rough sun which burn out my nepenthes (which killed half of my lovely ones last year)...

so on, now that is.

I am happy to introduce you


Some technical details:

Perimeter: 220 x 360 cm

Summit height: 235 cm

Eaves height: 170 cm

1 sliding door

2 opening windows

Now I have only to put some order in it, and to cut off the dried leaves we have in this season.






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We can't see yours Rogier - your website photos have gone!

Hi Alexis, I know, my gallery is corrupt, I am looking for a new gallery design to install, was already bored with the design.

Edited by Rogier
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congratulations. I myself hope to get a greenhouse in a couple of years as my current plants will surely outgrow the indoor enclousure I have for them.

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