If Eden Black could be reproduced this way...


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Stephen, do you know if the "Dudley Watts" clone is, or will be, available this way too? Or any of the European clones, such as "Big Boy" and "German Giant" that we don't seem to have available here?

When I first started to get into CP we used to only get small plants in tubes (mostly VFTs) from overseas and then from local sources before the nurseries started to grow them in pots and selling established plants for less. In my impatience to get them out of the tube, I killed most of them before they could get established, but I have learnt a lot since then. It was a long time ago.

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Well still with TC lab but little success. Leaves do not work well. Rhizome being tried now.

Whooo Hooo! Come on now praise the plant gods. Hopefully the Rhizome works well. Out of my Eden Black x Eden blackseeds I think I got aout 10 out of the 40 or more seeds to Germinate . Does this mean they could de readily be availble in the united states? Edited by bodaciousbonsai
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Any Cephalotus can be micropropagated from seed; its vegetative (flat) leaves; the rhizome; and sections of its flower stalks. I have used all of them successfully, for years,. The challenge, as always, is effective sterilization of the explants, without killing the tissue. There were a few threads on Terraforums:


Cephalotus follicularis "Eden Black x Self" (seed origin)



Cephalotus follicularis "Hummer's Gaint" (flat leaf origin)


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