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Pictures of germinated Cephalotus seeds.


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A little while ago I collected some seeds from one of my Cephalotus. It is the first time I've allowed a Cephalotus to flower as I wanted to try to grow some plants from seed. Here's the results so far;

Harvested seeds



Germinating seeds





So far, so good. Just need to try to nurture them through winter now :sun_bespectacled:

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Looks good. How long did it take so far?

I think it's about three months since I sowed them but germination has only happened within the last couple of weeks. I initially had them on a windowsill and they did not germinate as it was cold and the day lengths were getting shorter. I had anticipated leaving them there and hoped they would germinate in the spring. I have now set up a grow shelf with fluorescent lighting so decided to move them to there and since then they have germinated.

Grow shelf


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Well done. It must be fantastic to see all those little Cephs sprout!

Despite my best efforts - maybe that was the problem :sun_bespectacled: - all my seeds never germinated.

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I've wanted to do some growing experiments on Cephalotus for some time now but didn't want to risk my more mature plants, so these will be my guinea pigs :sun_bespectacled:

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excuse me if I bang into that topic like that, but what is the nepenthes in the last picture?

Nepenthes glabrata. Not ideal conditions for it and it doesn't pitcher well but it has put out a basal and there's small pitchers on all the basal leaves.

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