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Treated my Neps to a new dedicated greenhouse this year (after losing several good plants to low temps last year). They seem to be enjoying their new heavily insulated house :dance:

Nepenthes copelandii


Nepenthes densiflora


Nepenthes macrophylla


Nepenthes 'maxima'




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Looking good!!

How have you insulated it?

Just bubble wrap or have you used other stuff too?


It's an octagonal greenhouse glazed in twin-wall polycarbonate. As additional insulation I've wrapped the outside with large-cell bubble insulation (sealing joins with UV-stable outdoor stickytape). It's got a meaty 2KW fan-heater in there; with a small volumn and relatively small surface area, it should be ok, so long as there isn't a power cut :shock:



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