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Its thirty years since i last grew a drosophyllum and i've just got a packet of free seeds with an order of plants. I'm just wondering is it best to sow them now and hope they get through the winter or wait until spring, will the seeds be viable that long? Advice appreciated! :basketball:

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seeds are VERY long lived, don't worry about that. I've read that the seeds germinate well in autumn, replicates what happens in nature. Seedlings are tolerant of a wide range of conditions and can take more wet that the adults.

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Guest markimus

Drosphyllum can be tricky to get going in the UK.

The English autumn is not very much like the autumn in spain/portugal.

An excellent article has been written by Jan Flísek & Kamil Pásek and has some good advice on cultivation/propagation.

In the UK I usually sow seeds in Sept and they seem to germinate only if there are cold nights and several sunny warm days.

And even if they germinate they are very vulnerable to damp off mould until they are a month or two old.

This year I've had the best results in a few years.

I've done a few things differently this year:

a) I sliced a narrow slice of the outer coating of each seed.

b) soaked the seeds in GA3 solution for 24 hours

c) sowed them in shallow pots - left them sitting on the surface of the soil

d) sprayed them daily with RO water containing a weak dose of fungicide

e) placed the pots on a heating mat that heats the pots during the day but switches off at night

f) I have set up a fan to blow air over the top of the pots for 1 minute every hour

I'm hoping this last item will minimize losses to damp off this year.

I'm not sure how many of the above items are necessary but this year I got 5 out of 7 seeds to germinate. But it is very early day yet. Each seedling still only have 2-3 leaves.


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