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a nice hybrid

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The problem with S. 'Daniel Rudd' is that the defining photo and description in Slack's book is very poor. For some comparisons, including a reproduction from the book, see: http://www.cpphotofinder.com/sarracenia-da...-rudd-2793.html

I have always been surprised, given then heavy weighting by leucophylla, that the photo in Slack's book is not a bit more leuco-like. But Sarra genetics can work in strange ways it seems.

The photo in Slack's book is clearly a young pitcher, as the plant is in flower and the description alludes to this and that the pitchers becoming coloured as they mature. Quote from the text:

'Most of the resulting seedlings [leuco x (leuco x catesbaei)] were attractive, but one was vastly superior to all others and seemed to possess every quality for which I could have hoped, and subsequent trial has proved it to have an excellent constitution. The upper pitcher and hood are at first pleasantly marbled in a light green, later becoming tinted with coppery chestnut with darker veins, and they have the advantage over most upright-pitchered kinds in that they often open when the plant is still in flower. They are well shown in the illustration, as are the abundantly produced, large, deep red flowers. These are of outstanding quality, borne on long straight stems, and may remain in petal for as long as twentyone days.'

My own:







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