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Genlisea guianensis

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Wow, I don't think I've ever seen pics of this species in cultivation! Please post more pics, especially of the rosettes. Do you know where your plant is from? Venezuela of Brazil?

Best wishes,


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Congratulations Marc!

This is the thrid plant of G. guianesis I know of that has been flowering in cultivation (all of them in Germany ;)). You were lucky to catch it in flower, because I made the experience that this G. guianensis has very short-lived flowers, which usually last only for a few days (very unusual for Lentibulariaceae!).

Fernando, this is a plant from the Gran Sabana of Venezuela. Easy to tell from the white spur and the wide leaves. And because I haven't spread the plants from Cristalina yet, just the plants from Venezuela ;).

All the best,


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thanks for your congratulations and your comments!!

the plant grows mainly under water but sometimes the waterlevel in my tanks drops down.after a few days a make a part water change to give all my Genlisea new fresh water.

this is the time to refill the tank and to flood the Genlisea.



ps: I will do some pics of the plant soon.

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