Fluorescent light for mexican Pinguicula

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I am using fluorescent lighting. I have had it at 15-16 hours for the summer but put a timer to control the photoperiod and am now down to 13 hours. I'm trying to approximate the natural photoperiod Mine are two Grolux bulbs. I can tell you that green becomes pink and or purple. It may not be like being outside but it's better than window sill lighting.

Picture001-7.jpgThis is a staged picture.

Picture001-8.jpgThe complete setup

A few choice individual pics:






I don't know how many lumens but it does say 20 Watts.

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Thanks for the replies.

Decided today to get 2x 14 watt T5 fixtures (2x 1100 lumen, I think). I can grow more plants, and it should provide enough light.


Do any of your pings stay green under those conditions? And which species/hybrid is the plant in the fifth picture (Picture001-9.jpg)? Looks very nice.

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The last plant is P. agnata x gypsicola. Yes, some pings do stay green or have very little pink - encantada, Aphrodite, gigantea x moctezumae... pretty much anything with moctezumae in it. Maybe it's the nature of the plant. OTOH, agnata is the first to turn colour. Check them all out:


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