Where to buy mexican pinguicula seed?

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I'd like to start growing mexican pings. I have one thriving on the windowsill bought from a garden center, but unfortunately they don't have any other species (I'm not even sure which species the one I have is - the label says both Tina and Weser).

One isn't allowed to import plants to Norway unless they're accompanied by a health certificate, so seed seems to be the best option.

So far I've found bestcarnivorousplants.com and czplants.com selling CP seeds, but their selection of mexican pinguicula seed is unfortunately quite limited. Can anybody recommend other sites?


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Hello John!

Well if you want to start growing mexican Pinguicula I suggest it would be easier for you to start growing adult plants. They are more owerful and grow faster than plants you get from seeds. It is quite unusuall, that you will find seeds of mexicans for trade here. Perhaps you find something in my saleslist here:


I have some seed bulbs in growing, perhaps I can sell you some seeds in the future.

Cheers Chris

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Buying plants would be my first choice as well, but the selection of butterworts available in Norway is very limited. At the garden center chain Plantasjen (also called Plantagen) I've seen mexican pinguicula, drosera, nepenthes, sarracenia and dionaea - but only one species of each.

And in order to import plants to Norway (even as a private person) the plants have to be accompanied by a health certificate, something I don't think many online stores offer.

And anyway it's a nice and interesting challenge to start from seed. I imagine it will also be fun to watch the plants growing up. Speaking of which, how long does it take for mexican pings to reach maturity when grown from seed?

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Well I didn´t know about the health certification, but I´m interested how this works in your country, perhaps you can tell me via email to get this tread close to your questions.

Well For me it took two years from seeds to the first flower. But the plants were sometimes attacked by insects. I know from an other german grower that he had succes (with indeed very fast growing plants) within three months (I think with artificial lights). So its very different.

If I will have further succes getting seeds I can send you some...

All the beste


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