Do I have a little baby?


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A few days ago, I was watering my nep. (ventrata) and discovered this green little shoot:

Is this a extremely young nepenthes, or is it something else?

If it is a little baby, how do I look after it?

Here's the "adult" nep. (I would also appreciate general tips on looking after it):

Thank you!

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yup! that is a basal offshoot. My ventrata made them like crazy. I started with one vine....before selling it, it was upto 8. Just let it do its thing. Since the parent is thriving, it will do great as well. :)

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your right its a little baby.

i have four little ones growing from my main plant .

i would repot it some time next summer.

your best to leave it in its pot until then with the mother plant.

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I wouldn't describe this as a new plant. Rather it is a new branch on your baby Nepenthes plant. When you have a couple of branches working on a meter long your plant will be adult size :)

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