Brocchinia and catopsis

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I have heard it´s possible to grow these plants from leaf cuttings especially brocchinia reducta . Propably propagation is similar to propagation of drosera petiolaris comlex, so young seedlings should grow up from base near the plant

What is your opinion to these sentences ?

regards Amp

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Any idea ? Is my English so bad ?

Best regards Amp

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I've had my plants basal, but that usually only happens rarely, when the plant is under stress. I've not tried leaf cuttings, but root cuttings may work, especially in the case of B. reducta, as the roots can be relatively thick and a healthy section may be able to. The leaves seem to die off quickly once removed from the parent plant though.

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To ifurita : thank you very much, i´ll try it to grow up from roots

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The University of New Hampshire (in the United States) has a Brocchinia (see photo below). Talking with greenhouse staff, I learned that the easiest way to propagate it is to allow it to grow pups and for those to get fairly large before separating them off the parent plant.



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