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The non carnivorous leaves around it are perfectly green. My newest Ceph has a yellow trap on it, but I'm pretty sure it is because it is on its way out the door - its getting a bit soft. The trap in the picture looks perfectly healthy.

CZDalkan where did you find these pictures? I would be interested to hear from the grower if this was a random yellow trap, or if this plant regularly produces such traps.

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twigs: It's mine Ceph. Plant has yellow trap for the first time. Some leaves are lightly yellow too. You can see it on the pic.

photo of plant

I'm sorry for my english :)

Nice Ceph you got there!!! but after seeing your latest picture, what is the black mark just to the right of the middle rib and slightly on the middle rib too. Im no expert but ive never seen this on the cephs ive owned, so can anyone shed any light on this??

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