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And here is Heliamphora saracenioides






And now what I assumed to be hybrids between these two species



Here is some local wildlife taking advantage of the flora


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Guest Andreas Eils

Hahahaha.... really funny those hybrids! I should consider crossing my H. sarracenioides with my H. heterodoxa for the case both will flower the same time. Well, I have assumed both species may be closely related, because once my H. heterodoxa built a nectar hood mutation looking very similar to the nectar hood of H. sarracenioides. :woot: Oh, by the way - it was the Gran Sabana type of H. heterodoxa! :wink:



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Aha, so THAT'S where H.sarracenioides grows after all, hahaha! :)

You HAVE to show us pics of this new Heli species on the vertical walls!

And where are the Drosera, Genlisea and Utrics (other than U.quelchii)??

Thanks tons for the beautiful pics,

Fernando Rivadavia

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Thank you very much for all your comments. It was indeed a very memorable trip.

Fernando, I procrastinated for ages over whether I should mention H. sarracenioides on Ptari but after a quick web search I realised there are several sites which already disclose this information. I will post pics of all those Utrics/Droseras and Genlisea I saw over the next few weeks.



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Hey Andy,

I guess I haven't been following Heli news then. :) Either way, no matter how small the population of H.sarracenioides is, Ptari is not likely a place many people will go to (and simply to poach a plant which is already in cultivation).

Best wishes,

Fernando Rivadavia

P.S. Can't wait to see your other pics! :)

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