About variations in the flower of Pinguicula alpina

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I continue my reports with the first butterwort blooming during spring in France, Pinguicula alpina.

Here are some pics showing variations in the yellow spots, depending on the stations they grow.

Station 1: a single yellow spot:


Station 2: the yellow spot is extending in two lines in direction of the medium lobe corners:


Station 3: just starting to bloom:


Station 4: a wide yellow spot in the middle and two points in the corners of the central lobe


Station 5: the big spot is connected to two other points by two lines:


Station 6: a single big yellow spot:


Station 7: a single spot and the corolla lobes are very undulated:


And me climbing up cliffs where Pinguicula alpina lives (here in the Vercors massif, France):


As you can see, there are many variations in the shape of the yellow drawings.

But, there is not a single yellow spot shape per station, there are two or three and one is dominant among the others. In addition, but I have to check that next year, teh yellow drawing seems to evolve with the age of the flower and every 'forms' of Pinguicula alpina, bearing distinct spot shapes seems to bloom at different moments.

Hope you enjoyed

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Beautiful report! I had no idea such variations existed!

Are all those white flowers in the 2nd photo of P.alpina??? :nuke:

Thanks and congrats!

Fernando Rivadavia

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Guest Andreas Eils

Allô Aymerid,

not only a beautiful butterwort, also a great landscape! Merci pour les images magnifiques!

If I´m not wrong someone of the German CPS (Valentin Schatz?) spotted P. alpina in the German Alps - also with different looking flowers. Some of the central lobes shew three yellow blotches - the typical one just in front of the "mouth" and one each on the left and right side below the centre blotch.



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Thank you all!

@ Fernando: on the 2nd photo (1rst site), the white flowers are infructescences of Eriophorium latifolium or E. gracile (I haven't identify which species it is). On the 4th pictures (2nd site), the little white flowers you can distinguish among the grasses are those of Pinguicula alpina :wink:

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