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1 year on, 13 months really


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Last year I bought some VFT seeds on ebay and put them in the ground.

Today 13 months ago ,the first bits of green were visible.

This is what some of them look like now.


All 3 of these plants were sown on the same day and kept under the same conditions.

It's funny how they all have different colours and sizes.

The red one is the smallest,and though it gets new traps the plant gets hardly any bigger. :smile:

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That's phenomenal growth in 13 months, what conditions did you keep them in?


I only have one other that is almost as big, the others are more like the one on the left.

From May untill October they were just sitting in front of the SW window, after that I put them

under lights for the winter,the energy saving kind(less then 5000 lumen,12 hours/day). The really big one is still under the lights

because I ran out of space in front of my windows.(too many seedlings of all kinds). When it starts to get colder

I think I'll let it go dormant and from next year on I can then keep it outside.

I think I was just lucky that one of them was a really fast grower,well at least the traps are far bigger than

the traps on the others.

BTW Trev the VFT seedlings I got from your seeds are doing fine too, don't know if they'll get this big in 13 months though. Then again, hopefully we'll have a long hot summer and that should give them a push.

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