Where can I purchase a Cephalotus ?

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Only small imature Cephs are available from some comercial CP dealers at the moment. If this is your first Ceph I'd recommend a plant at least 3 years old that's been greenhouse grown (thus it's hardier) .The reason being is the older they are the less delicate they seem to be. Read many of the posts on this forum for tips on how to best take care of them and avoid pitfalls. So, aquiring one? Well sometimes they are available from the classifieds on this forum, insist on knowing the age of the plant and request photos, Cephs aren't cheap ,so you're well in order doing this. Also, you will see Cephs available on a well known auction site. Whatever, once again a good Ceph is not cheap. Make sure you do your research and are totally clued up as to how to take care of it. Cephs are wonderful carnivorous plants, I never tire of admiring mine.

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I recently brought a typical Cephalotus from Hampshire Carnivorous Plants for a very reasonably £11.50

although they are currently out of stock i think due to them exhibiting at the Chelsea flower show. They are produced from division and are already producing mature pitchers, mine has three mature pitchers and loads of smaller pitchers unlike the smaller juvenile plants which they sell for £9.00. I previously also brought a juvenile Cephalotus from another online seller only to have it suddenly keel over and die after seven days!!! I would also second what Petesredtraps has advised previously and advise that you fill pitchers large enough with rain water with medical syringe to help after spillage in the post.

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