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Utricularia humboldtii


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My large plant of Utricularia humboldtii finally flowered after 2 years!

I could self-pollinate it and got a couple of capsules, so I wanted to try the experience of seeing the small octopus-like seedlings coming out of the seed coat only after a few hours in water. Enjoy the pictures!

Here below a photo of the flower


a few seeds after 1 hour in water,


after 5 hours,


and on sphagnum 2 days after


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Great sequence of photo's Giuseppe - cant wait for my humboldtii to flower just so I can get some seeds just to watch first hand how quickly they start to grow!


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Fantastic pics of the seeds!

In the U.S. it is unusual to see these in flower, so I appreciate the pictures you've posted.

It's also good to see you sowed the seed on sphag... I used pure peat which seems to stunt their growth.

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