Leaf cuttings explanation

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Hey everybody!

As I'm sure plenty of you know i only just got my first carnivorous plants. I've been wondering what 'leaf cuttings' exactly are :tu: .

Are they ways of using leaves of Carnivorous Plants to get more carnivorous plants or what?

Also when searching about 'leaf cuttings' I've seen that the words 'strike rate' are used and if strike rates are better or worse, etc etc.

Could someone please explain all this to me please? :D

Thanks! :happy:


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Some plants such as some drosera can be mulitplied by cutting a part of leaf of the plant off then this is grown as a new plant. Say if your strike rate were 80% then 4 out of 5 plants would have produced a new plant. The plant is a clone of the parent

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Never tried D. capensis but they are prolific via seeds. I have done several N. ventratas, though. Tou can put a cutting in a vase of water, for instance. I'll post a picture later.

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mature leaves I believe are the best, that does not mean old leaves, so healthy, mature leaves I believe would give you the best chance or success

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well, let me post a picture.


leaves come out of the nodes, the space between the nodes is called internodes. If you make a nep-stem-cutting, cut approx. in the middle of an internode.

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