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What Society give best to it's members

Rate your Society 5 is best 1 is bad  

4 members have voted

  1. 1. Five is best or 1 is Bad

    • Five ( Good in all services )
    • Four ( One of service let you down )
    • Three ( Medium service )
    • Two ( Many items let you down )
    • One ( I would not re-join at the end of my membership )

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As there are so many societies out there now.

It would nice to know if you feel the service you get from your local or world wide society is working to give all in the best in the world of societies?

As there are so many different societies that give a good site, Good meetings, good newsletters or Journals, has good joining packs. Quick replies to your questions to committee.

What would you change in your society to make it better and to get more to join it ?

I know that most societies run with people that are working in there spare time, but I have had many reports that some other plant societies give a better service to they membership then we get form Carnivorous societies.

Why are there Site much better?

Why do they manage to have so many gifts that help membership and make good collections.

Why do they manage to get service so much better then in CP groups?

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This seems to be a pointless poll in my opinion.

How are any of the societies going to know where they appear on the results? So how are they going to know if there is a problem? And are you in a position to be able to rectify any of the 'problems'?

Forgive me if I'm mistaking you for someone who is not a committee member of any of the societies, but this isn't the first time you have criticised the world's carnivorous plant societies. If you have a problem with any society or societies; rather than asking to agree with your misgivings en masse on more than one forum, perhaps you should take your grievences up with the society concerned.

Personally, I am only a member of two, and I am perfectly happy with both of them.

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I fully agree with Andy.

If some has a problem with a society all societies I know off are more then willing to discuss things. Besides, if you want to change something it is better do something like volunteering for one of the many jobs done now by to few people instead of talking.

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