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Sarracenia - Allenton, Florida

Phil Green

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While checking on the locations of my Sarra's recently, I came across a location which didn't seem to exist.

F164D - Sarracenia flava, Allenton, Florida.

Doing a google search I found this same location for flava in several growers lists across Europe, but none from America - seemed fishy.

Most seemed to have come from Mike King or Phil Wilson. On contacting mike, it turned out his also came from Phil - so I contacted Phil.

Phil has been kind enough to check - and yep, it's a typo (and which of us hasn't made them - thank god for spell checker).

The CORRECT LOCATION should read Allanton, Bay Co. Florida. Note - A not E in the middle. Phil says "It’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere – you wouldn’t want to spend much time there, except for the plants of course".

So if you have any S. flava, Allenton Fl. (there are several different clones) from Mike, Phil, possibly Aidan (he also has them) and almost certainly anyone else, then you need to amend the location. Please note that this is Allenton FLORIDA, WHICH IS WRONG. There is Allenton in other states which does exist.

Hope this helps you, I know a few people have been puzzling over this.

EDIT - there are also a few S. psittacina floating around with this incorrect location, so check them as well. Thanks Dunk for mentioning this (I forgot to).

MODS - it might be worth making this a 'sticky' for a while, to give everyone the chance to find it and make the corrections.

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Well done Phil, one I missed.

Thank god you are more polite about these things than I am , but to a degree, it does prove a point I was trying to make a couple of months back.

Taking some of my final words from the last post I made on a certain thread; "I know that locations are like 'chinese whispers'..from a bit of information people add or deduct their hearing of it.

You place on your labels, what you have 'heard'.".

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Thanks Phil,I know what its like.Trying to read peoples letters(some handwriting can be iffy)or labels they put in with plants can be hard to read with all the info on a small piece of plastic.

But now the internet should eliminate all this.


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