Freaks And Marvels Of Plant Life

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I've just bought this lovely old book published in 1882, approximately one third of which is dedicated to carnivorius plant, with some rather nice black and white engravings.

Freaks And Marvels Of Plant Life, Or Curiosities Of Vegetation by M.C. COOKE, and published by the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge.






The rest of the book is dedicated to Gyration of Plants. Helliotropes or Sunflowers. Twiners and Climbers. Sensitive Plants. Sleep of Plants. Meteoric Flowers. Hygroscoism. Dispersion. Mimicry. Giants. Temperature. Luminosity. Mystic Plants. &Flowers of History.

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Thank you Andy for sharing it with us !! As the librarian of AIPC Italian CP Society, in front of this book, I can only leave with no words.

And as a engraver (instead, I engrave wood) I appreciate those wonderful artworks !

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Looks like a great read that Andy :yes:

There's a copy currently for sale on ebay Clicky (no, it isn't mine but I wish it was, I definitely would not be selling it though....)

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