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Drosera uniflora in Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia, Argentina

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Hello again,

Here is the last CP I found while travelling around South America. Before going to Buenos Aires in Argentina, the last place for our trip, we went to Ushuaia, supposed to be the southernmost city in the world. While in Ushuaia we went for two days to the 'Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego', a very nice place with lots of nature and many trails for trekking and crossing the forests and peat bogs.

One of the places we visited there was the 'Laguna Negra', one beautiful lagoon surrounded by peat bogs with lots of Sphagnum moss and also lots of plants of D.uniflora. Being the end of Spring in Argentina, there were still no flower stalks but all plants were actively growing with very nice red tentacles and lots of dew.

Here are the pictures.

National Park sign explaining what a peat bog is:


A view of the bog and the black lagoon:


Some plants of Drosera uniflora:


A dense group of plants growing in the Sphagnum moss:


Close up of some plants:



Plants with captured prey:



Hare's dump above a group of plants, a different kind of food for the plants :)


Well, that is it. I hope you enjoy the pictures,


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One again, very nice pics!!

The habitat is very similar to the one I saw S of Valdivia in central Chile in 2001. It was late January and there were some open flowers amongst mostly spent scapes. Seeds were not reallly ripe yet. Considering Usuaia is so much further south, maybe D.uniflora flowers a little later there, although this site was near sea level, correct? The one I saw was at ~900m.

I was really bummed not to find any Pinguicula in Chile on that trip. P.chilensis had been seen growing near D.uniflora at that site I visited, but I couldn't find any. If I remember well, P.antarctica grows in Ushuaia, too bad you didn't see any there.


Fernando Rivadavia

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I certainly hope my D uniflora will germinate next spring!


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