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Utricularia @ THAILAND

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Hi everyone,

Yesterday I have trip to Pracheanburi province, eastern Thailand. At prachantrakam district here have waterfall most in Thailand(17 waterfalls) but I haven't enough time to stay here and find other utricularia. Here is picture I take from some waterfall in this district.Sorry for my bad English. Hope you enjoy it and Merry Christmas

Pracheanburi province


Around habitat





Utricularia bifida





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Sawasdee Natapong!

Very nice photographs of both habitat and plants! These are some of the best habitat photos of Utricularia odorata that I have seen so far! Congrats! (This is U. odorata, not U. bifida, as your plant has a uper corolla lip that is larger than the calyx, and the pedicel is narrow. Moroover, U. bifida usually has only 1-2 flowers open per scape, in the much more robust U. odorata it's up to 10 or more).

All the best,


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Thank you very much to everybody. Now I wait for my friend, he is botanist to identify them but It not U.bifida It almost like U.odorata, Thanks to Andreas to notify me. Sorry for my wrong information

They have too many species that have yellow flower and in Thailand can found U.bifida easy, this is my first trip to find CP in habitat so I happy to found other U.species not U.bifida :biggrin:

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