EEE 2009 Ghent, Belgium

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Just one thing to ask, do you know if there is car parking at the restaurant on Saturday ? I got through to their website and I got the impression that there is parking but I can't read Belgium so I am not sure. If anyone could let me know, it would be great . There is not much time left though. Thanks.

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Thanks Marcel. I'll get the language right eventually, I knew that it wasn't Chinese.

I'll probably drive to the restaurant then.

I drive a Peugeot 406 and in the UK a lot of cab drivers use them. If it is the same in Belgium, I shall probably get lots of people trying to flag me down when I drive home.

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Most cabbies on the mainland drive way to expensive Mercedes or BMW's David.

I also wanted to say with the remark that being Dutch I (like all my countryman) have trouble "reading" the Country of Belgium :wink:

What was it Churchill said about the US and the UK? Two countries divided by a common language? Same over here :D

Lots of good friends overthere though :laugh:

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Dear CP-friends,

In name of Drosera vzw and Diobel asbl I would like to thank you all for coming over and to attend our EEE last weekend.

We all had a great time, saw a lot of new faces, enjoyed the speakers, bought a whole bunch of new plants, etc...

Once again I would like to thank all our speakers and salesmen for sharing their information and experience, really interesting!

Instead of posting more than 100 photo's, I putted mine in a short movie on youtube! Those basterds of youtube deleted my audio or replaced it,

but the pics are still there!

Now I'm waiting after all those other pics, we saw a lot of pro's last weekends with amazing camera's!

I hope you enjoyed the EEE and see you all!

Kind Regards,


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Hello everybody

Iggy and myself would like to thank everyone that have made the 2009 EEE possible!!!

Also all the people who came to visit , I really hope you guy's enjoy Ghent very much.

Special thanks to all the people who posted the pictures , because i did not have much time to take pictures.

Cheers hope to see you all another edition. :sad:

Greetz tim c

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