Photo's from a couple of Open Days.

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A few pics i didn't get round to posting from open days this year, first ones from the South West CP open day.

Crab spider moving between plants. I have not seen this type of spider on webbing before, they are usually seen lying in wait for prey on flowers, or occasionally pitchers.



A couple of hybrids.



The well known 'Asbo'


View from one end of the big greenhouse showing the smaller tropical greenhouse housing neps etc.


A couple of shots inside the small greenhouse, Catopsis in flower, and seedlings of rebecca soper backcrossed with ventricosa.



From Mike Kings open day, mitchelliana x minor.


Two shots of one of my favorite hybrids, willisii X minor giant.



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Thanks for the post Graham. Very enjoyable.

Like your set up :jive:

Thanks, i wish that greenhouse was mine,

Wouldn't take me long to fill it mind you.

Hi Grahan.

Catopsis berteroniana, this species is very special, do you have any clues for cultivation? :smile:


I haven't grown it in years (doesn't look carnivorous enough for my tastes), i am sure a question in the Brocchinia & Catopsis section would get a few replies.

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