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Guest originalwoodster

hey people, i joined this forum as i purchased some plants the other week and hope this forum can provide all the information i need.

i bought 2 X Dionaea Muscipula, 1 X Drosera Aliciae and 1 X Drosera Spatulata.

the these are for crickets and random flys as we keep reptiles and have been finding little crickets around the house.

at the moment i have them in a south facing window sill, sat in small water trays each with about 1cm of water in them. just need some basic husbandry tips and whether i can do anything basic that will help my plants thrive.

i cant afford specialist equipment for these 4 plants, as all my money goes towards my Reptiles.

any help would be brilliant,

thank you.

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Hi :)

I'll let someone else fill you in on the drosera as these arent my strong point - my spatulata get plenty of sun in the summer and are kept frost free over winter, I dont grow aliciae though I'd give it the same treatment.

A good basic soil mix for these is sphagnum moss peat and perlite or peat and lime free sand. You cannot use multipurpose compost - it has to be sphagnum moss peat!

For dionaea - same treatment as the drosera over summer - plenty of sun and water them with rain water / reverse osmosis / deonised water but not tap water. Using the tray method is best.

In winter dionaea should be given a dormant period, over the next month or so it should start to go dormant given the right conditions - ie somewhere with natural sunlight but somewhere cold (under 10 degrees C), during dormancy watering should be reduced so the soil is just kept damp.

Outside they can catch their own food but if you want to feed them then use small live insects.....

Hope that helps a bit - any more questions feel free to post them :tu:


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