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Hi Jens,

nice flowers, especially the D. graomogolensis, but the D. whittakeri ssp. aberrans is also looking very good. :wink:

From about 15 flowering plants of D. graomogolensis i did not managed it to collect any seed this year, the year before i was able to collect a very small amount of thin seed.

The catched flies are also nice. :thumbsup:

Best regards,


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Hi, nice shots of drosera. :thumbsup:

I love this D. graomogolensis flower, this species is 'top 10' in my wantlist (I lost my plant).

Do you have photos of the entire plant?

This D. oblanceolata look like a D. spatulata :wink:


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Nice pics! D.graomogolensis doesn't produce much seed in the wild either. What is the tuberous species catching the fly? Your D.collinsiae looks mroe like D.natalensis or maybe even a hybrid...


Fernando Rivadavia

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Thank you for Feedback.

@Carlos : I sent you entire pics.

@ Cas : It was a opportune moment :sun_bespectacled:

@ Fernando : The tuberous species is D. auriculata. D.collinsiae `Faryland`is grown from seed,i have it from a good source, but of course it could be a hybrid....

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