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EEE 2008: the day after

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Hi everybody,

let me tell you how happy I am about the results!

That was the best italian meeting ever, and maybe the best ever in the world!

We were all worried and excited here, worrying if we could compete with our plants and organization with the other European Countries, if we can ever call that a competition! The italian cp society, AIPC, is not helped by any botanical garden for its meetings, so every plant (and the space for the EEE itself) had to be provided and organized by enthusiasts.

But I have to say that in such a moment of emergency, our guys and girls (and here I mean all the people of AIPC, both the members and the committee) made the best use of what of most precious we have here.

It was the first time that I was able to see such an effective staff, more similar to a security service than to a normal staff, including their walkie talkies. Covered with their orange t-shirt, tens of them were present at every corner to help you with any question or problem you could have!

A long tunnel with european and italian sellers on both sides divided the area of the plants exhibition from the entrance of the Villa, where other gazebos offered a cp library service, the AIPC secretariate, the seed bank, and then the inside of the Villa with the "Carnivorous Olympiad", bar and restaurant.

But the things that made me happier were the atmosphere and the plants that they were able to find! Everybody walking fast, from one space to the other, looking for, talking, following some event, asking, chatting, shouting, knowing each other, meeting, holding...maybe the italians being excited because of the international event, and the internationals being excited by the italians' excitement!! You could breathe the passion and the enthusiasm!

Even if my girlfriend was looking after my little space of plants for sale, to leave me some more free time, I just had 3 minutes to say hello to every person I was meeting or talking to...That often happens during these meetings, but here I take the occasion to say sorry to Mike King if I didn't even have the time to say hello, to Andreas Wistuba for not having time for our 5 minutes talk and to Stewart MacPherson because, MAN! I didn't even had the time to say goodbye to you! I was looking for a lift back to the train station!...Ehm, sorry for the personal messages :)

Lots of plants and compositions impressed me, and impressing me is not an easy task. But I'll leave Mr. Aga to show you that, because he takes photos of everything, even of the main dishes at every dinner we have in Milan or around the world.

Now, any positive comment by any person who was present, will be the best "thank you" for our guys...any negative comment will be censored :)))))


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i am back in Germany since yesterday evening. Thanks for one of the greatest Meetings i attended! The italians really did a great job to host all of us! Besides the plants auctions, my personal higlight was the dinner at saturday evening.

Here are some pictures i have taken during these days:


Many thanks to all who made this EEE such a great meeting!


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Hi all,

thank you very much for such good words.

We had very nice week end: all the 7 lectures were very very interesting, sellers offered lots of plants and some very rare, plant exhibition showed the best of italian growers collection and lunch and gala dinner were nice situation for lots of fun and good food.

We have a lots of thanks: thank you to CP expert for the lectures, thank you to the sellers for beeing in Italy both for selling their plants but primaly for sharing time together and thank you to all the people from abroad who travelled to be in Italy.

The biggest and more special thanks to all the people who made EEE 2008 possible: AIPC board members and all AIPC volunteers. All pictures show orange t-shirts: they are all the wonderful guys who have worked to set up the meeting and have worked hard during the days of EEE. Thank you all.

Dennis: "I would just like to add my thanks to the ICPS for organising such a great event "

ICPS? Thank you for a so gratefully mistake :)

You were in Italy, my dear, with AIPC...the italian carnivorous plants society :)

You english strange people :) also Stew McPherson continued having english time on his watch and arrived one hour late to a meeting point for dinner. Strange but so nice and friendly, hope to see you soon :)

Well, EEE 2008 passed on and we are all looking for EEE 2009 where I do hope to meet again all CP fellows.

See you soon :)


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Fantastic, awesome, brilliant, lovely and very, very memorable. I would like to thank Rita, Grace and all the others who organised such a wonderful EEE. I doubt it can be surpassed. A four day excursion which was as satisfying as a two week holiday! It was good to meet familiar names and to see enthusiasts from England, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, America, France etc, etc.

Looking forward to Ghent next year.

Thanks very much


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Melly e Andrea Amici


On the left:

Max (Duroduro),Sal,Melly,Andrea Amici e Giulia.

On the right:

Andrea (Steam),Maria Teresa,Andrea (Fanatlo), Fabio (FavioDV)



Melly and Fabio


Fabio with Ibicella fruit on the head


Fabio,Melly,Maria Teresa and Sal


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Hi all,

I had not yet the time to reply here!!

About Mira.....All I can say is :

Fantastic location :clapping: ,good food, beautiful girls :yes: , nice weather,but ofcours ....


members with a "real face". :Laie_99:

Thanks a lot !!!! :thanks:

Hopefully we will see you all in Gent next year.


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