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What to do when a nepenthes starts to blacken?

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Recently I noticed a talangensis in my terrarium was starting to have its leaves start to blacken. It had been growing like a champion for about 6 months, but I then noticed the leaves blackening from the bottom ones upward, at a faster rate than it was producing new ones.

The conditions it's in have not changed, and I've always been sure to provide distilled water. My head went immediately to root rot, so I removed it carefully from its soil and created a new light mixture of sphagnum and perlite. I then treated the roots with a little rot preventer and put it back in.

Unfortunately, this hasn't seemed to change things and the plant continues to blacken.

Any ideas on what I should do? It seems like this guy may be headed for the compost heap, but for future plants what should my battle plan be?

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