my pygmy lasiantha flowers

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Greetnings! :thanks:

My drosera lasiantha started to bloom so I would like to share some pics with u:-)

Also I have a question. I am kind of new with pygmies and love this species. Before it shot its scape it stopped dewing and unfurling new leaves and their agges are yellowish. The one that is not blooming does the same thing so i dont think it is because of it.

If anyone is growing the same species please let me know how do you grow this pygmy (i mean light humidity watering air circulation.....)

I enclose some pictures:



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I am growing them in a 60/40 mix of silica sand (coarse+fine) and peat. And as u can see i covered the surface with sole sand to thwart the growth of fungi moss algae and other nasty stuff. They seem to like this substrate.

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Yes I grow them in terrarium placed behind the south-oriented window. The terrarium is always 30% open so they get some air movement because I think they dont like too humid "sticky" atmosphere. Maybe they would grow better on the windowsill? Haven`t tried that yet....

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I try to grow some pygmys in terrarium in the past but it didn't work. It's alot more easyer on a window sill or outside. They don't care about air humidity much....i grow mine in 15% to 50%. You need to find a way to give them more light, some direct sun light is what they need. Just make sure you don't give them too much too soon. Also watch the temps...they can go dormant if too hot. If they will do that they will loose the leaves. In general, pygmys are not for terrariums!

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Hi there dudo klasovity,

I've just started to grow them myself and I was reading in Allan Lowrie's books that pygmies tend to put much of their energy into the production of flowers. This means the leaf rosette can sometimes reduce by up to half, but once flowering has finished the new leaves will grow back to their full length.

I hope that helps.


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Hi Dave! Greetings to Australia! (Always wanted to go:-))

Thanx for your information I think you (or Mr.Lowrie) might be right about this but I will definitelly see when the blooming is over (there are 3 more buds to go). The fact is that the flower stalk is almost 3 times as big as the plant itself so I believe there is huge nutrition drainage upwards going on. Too bad the leaves are so undeveloped that I cannot even feed the plant for support.

Hopefully I will not loose this show-off ;-)

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