N. tenax and Form E

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Although N. tenax was published in 2006. It was shrouded with secrecy to protect them from collectors. Up until a week ago, the only known picture is this tiny photo from Captive Exotics:


Then last week, Stewart McPherson started a thread in CPUK (Carnivorous Plants in Habitat) with photos of CPs of Cape York showing N. mirablis, N. rowanae and N. tenax. Hallelujah a proper photo of N. tenax at last!


But I believe N. tenax was discovered at the same time N. rowanae was "rediscovered". In the article titled



at Exotica Plants website detailing Rod Kruger expedition to Cape York, Rod wrote of a slender mirabilis -like pitcher with extra large lid he called Form E

..... However we did and the lower pitchers were slender and cylindrical and were half pink and half yellow/green in colour similar to typical N.mirabilis colouration. The unusual thing we noticed on the pitchers was that the lid seemed too large to fit the pitcher mouth! We called this plant ?form E?.

There is a small photo of Form E in the article.

But you can have a larger photo of Form E from the JCPS website


All the photos have one thing in common and that is

All the pitchers have lid seemed too large to fit the pitcher mouth.

So tenax is Form E and Form E is tenax. Don't you agree!!! Why the secrecy? If you can get to rowanae, you can get to tenax. More info please Dr Clarke / Rod!!!


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