The Misadventures of The Drunken Bee.

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While working on Byblis cuttings over the past weekend, I noticed this extremely misfortunate Bombus terrestris greedily gobbling nectar for several minutes...



Completely drunken on the sweet goodness, The bee completely ignored my advances with camera in hand.

That's it, a little more to the front....


Oooops...Oh my!


Now look what you've gotten yourself into!


On todays' breakfast menu, we have fattened, nectar filled Bombus. Would you like fries with that? :tu::lol:



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It doesn't look like what I would call a Bombus sp. at all - where is its hairy bum!? :yes:

I always try to guide bumblebees away from my pitchers if I see them - not easy, though, and lots go in along with useful hoverflies!

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:happy: genuinely gutted teh strong rains we have been having made my grasshopper move house but I still ahve hundreds of spiders on my nepenthes i will post pictures, as soon as it stops raining long enough for me to go outside
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