My 'Terrarium' and Heliamphora

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Hi All :tu:

I got the camera out and decided to take some photo's of my set-up. Some of the plants on the right are a bit sad looking due to being new additions suffering from being transported and/or repotted. Hope you enjoy! (oh and i hope i put this in the right section. i did re-size the pics but i hope they're still not too big. If they are, Mods please delete them and i will upload smaller ones!).









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Hi Ben

Looking good and what an impressive set up. I hope the plants are settling in ok. Your misting system appears to be very efficient, maybe you could post some details.



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Thanks guys :smile:

Thanks Andy, the fogger is very effective. It's a 'Lucky Reptile - Super fogger' and well worth the money IMO. It sits outside the terrarium (on right hand side) and the fog is pumped in through a tube.

The plants are settling in ok so far, there's new growth on most of them now :tu:

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i can't help but wonder how you water your plants, do they constantly sit in water or does the mist keep the soil wet enough?

And what kind of bulbs do you use?

Hi Olivier,

I water my Heli's from above. The pots are sat on a 2cm thick 'carpet' of capillary matting, with wicks of the matting inserted into the bottom of each pot. They are never sat in water, the matting keeps them wet enough. :D The fog boosts the humidity and is aesthetically pleasing.

The lighting is provided by two 125w Envirolites giving me about 13,000K, so far they seem to be happy on that.


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Really nice terrarium, Ben :thumbsup: What kind of lights do you use?

Best regards


Thanks Juliusz, i'm glad you approve of the home i've provided for the plants i have bought from you :smile:

I use Envirolites. The ones i have in my terrarium are the 125W (Bright white/daylight) ones.

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first of all: Amazing!! wow! really nice!


are you using a raining system next to the fogging system as well?

if yes, then which one?.. because i've bought the lucky reptile super fog thing and now i'm looking for reports on the lucky reptile super rain system.

btw: wistuba now has some new species avaliable- you could cultivate them for sure! :D



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That's way more equipment intensive than the one I just received, sitting on a grow rack! So yours is kept as an indoor plant, in an essentially lowland set of conditions?

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