Nepenthes / Heliamphora

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I have a new camera (Canon EOS 450) and I used the time to take some pictures.

Now I want to show you the result...

Heliamphora setup






Nepenthes setup


N. jamban


N. villosa


N. hurreliana


pitcher mix


D. kaieteurensis 'km 145, La Escalera, GS, Est. Bolivar, Ven.'


Best regards,


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Very nice photos of amazing plants!

What a collection of Heliamphora :yes:

I'm jealous :yes: ... and they have all adult pitchers (most of them)!!

What a big H. tatei, I mean the one on the fifth photo, does it have a stem?

Some big H. folliculata's too!

What lights are you using for your Heliamphora, they are very well coloured?

But your Nepenthes photos and plants are great too! :yes: I love the N. jamban!

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Dear Lord!!

Really nice plants and all the best neps species :smile:

BTW My kaieteurensis have only one flower :/

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Fantastic shots Matthias, you have an amazing set-up and an enviable range of plants!! :smile:


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Wow, That is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL!!! I love the airplants behind the heliamphora it looks neat! And the nepenthes look awsome as well, I have always liked villosa, But everything I have read says it is a bit tricky to grow, but yours looks great!

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Thank you for all your nice comments.

All the H. tatei in the background have already a small stem. The plants are about 5 years old now.

For this setup I use six bulbs of 54 watts each. The colour is quite nice though the lights are quite far away from the plants.

I also like those small orchids because it’s a nice decoration for the background of the setup and it needs not much space and care. ;-)



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