URGENT questions about vft's virus!


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Same thing i had in my collection this summer...

i throw my seek plants, before i sprayed some myclobutanyl and some benlate but plants still seek so i throw them, i don't want to take some others risk.

I don't know if this is fungus or virus, i think fungus but i'm not sure, i sent one plant to a friends that works in labs and normally soon we'll know what is it exactly.

for people that think spotty is responsable :In my collection i have spotty and one variegated vft, green and white, but it's not same thing as this problem, i had this problem in 2009 when i received some news plant ( but i don't remember from who) and i have spotty and white and green vft only this years in may, so this problem isn't from spotty.

you spray with wich product ?

keep them separated, at my home it spread on others plants.

hope you found solution...

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People in this topic tested infected plants, and said that it's fungus infection (Thank you so much!)

My plants make the same pattern.

I soaked them in fungicide called Baycor (produced by Bayer company).

In Croatia I couldn't find products that people recommended on this topic.

I also don't know did it worked because they stopped growing now.

I was also thinking about destroying those infected plants, but

i might give them to someone who is interested in phytopathology.

I just hope that next spring other plants won't show signs of infection

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Hello :

I have 6 plants infected by VFT virus, as you said here I looked after a treatment based on mancozeb, I found that :





About the 6 infected, 1 is still sleeping, short leaves, no growth. But for the 5 others.... it grow normaly and healthly ^^ no trace of the virus. Each plant made 4 new traps, all of them without a trace of that virus... wait and see ^^


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