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U.poconensis: a very rare species rediscovered!

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Hello to all,

My friend Marcos Cardoso from Cuiabá (Mato Grosso state, western Brazil), has just returned from the northern Pantanal floodplain where he found a beautiful & rare species: U.poconensis. He'd seen it once before near Cuiabá, years ago, but this is the 1st time he photographs it.

I've never been lucky enough to see U.poconensis in the wild and this is only the 2nd time I see pictures of this species. To say I'm happy would be a hell of an understatement! :)

From these pics, I see that U.poconensis is very similar to the widespread & common U.hydrocarpa. Yet U.poconensis is overall larger and the flowers are lighter in color (white? maybe pinkish?)

Marcos found U.poconensis growing in a man-made ditch, where dirt was scooped out to make a road. He waded into the water to get close to the mass of flowering plants he could see from the road, but stopped when it was knee deep due to all the alligators & pirana in those ditches, hehehe!

See his pics below and enjoy! ;)

Best Wishes,

Fernando Rivadavia














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Hello everyone,

I'm glad you guys are enjoying it! ;)

Since some of you asked, Marcos sent e few more pics of alligators and a tapir he saw along this road (see pics below). In case you're wondering, Marcos is the one in the foreground, hahaha! :)




By the way, this is the same road that I explored last year and found U.foliosa, U.hydrocarpa, U.breviscapa, and U.gibba:


My real goal on this trip was to find U.poconensis, which I had never seen (and not those weeds I did find, hahahaha). Marcos tells me he saw the U.poconensis on a side road from the main one, I passed very close to the site.

Another goal on that drive was to see wild tapirs and jaguars, which I have also never seen in the wild... But didn't see any of these either. And now Marcos sends me both pics of U.poconensis AND a tapir, just standing there behind him, not even afraid apparently! Aaargh, I gotta go back! :)

Best Wishes,

Fernando Rivadavia

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Another post that I have missed! Great pics, and unusual flower for an aquatic Utric! From a distance I would never have expected an Utricularia here, but a species somewhere in the Hydrocharitaceae perhaps. Mabe it imitates a flower of this family?

Thanks and regards


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Wow! I "don't like" the flowers of aquatic Utrics, but for this species I would make an exception! :yu: It's really lovely!



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Gees, By-The-Looks of Those-Bladders that Thing Must-Grow an Inch per Day!!!??? >(*~*)< / >(*U^)< Either-'That' or People Have 'Big'-Hand Down in South-America!!!??? >(*U^)<

It Would Be-Even 'Nicer if The 'White' of Those Utric-Flowers was Either Magenta-or-Blue!!!???

Certainly a Good-Plant to Use-as a Hybridizer I-Would-Think?

U.-quelchii X poconensis Would-be Simply-'Magic'!!! >(*U^)<

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i am using this old thread to show some pictures i have taken of (at least i think) U. poconensis last year, while spending a few days in the Pantanal. We did not go there to find cps, but finding this plant was a nice change to all the caimans, birds and other very fascinating animals.















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