Any advices on growing D. ascendens?

Guest Kin

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As the daily temperature is rising, the new comers D. ascendens start to turn black (start from the leaves) and approaching to the center.

Could anyone give me some advices?

Thanks! :confused:

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Just yesterday I moved my D. ascendens from the tropical greenhouse (where they grow during the winter) to our cold greenhouse. Due to hot days now, the production of mucus was decreasing and the next step would of course be damaged leaves. A higher humidity and lower temperatures will cure the plants soon, however, to keep them cooler and to provide still enough sun is not so easy during hot seasons.

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Thank you! :thanks:

It's too late for me. The whole plant already turn into black colour. However, I still move it into humid and cool place with a hope that it will have any new growth. :(

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