Which Heli's are the fastest and slowest in your collection?

Laurent T

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Hi, :smile:

I just want to know whitch Heliamphora in your collection is growing the fastest and witch one is growing the slowest?

Very slow Heli's in my collection are H. elongata from Ilu Tepui and H. tatei from Cerro Duida.

The fastest Heli's are H. heterodoxa from Ptari Tepui and H. nutans (giant form) but H. pulchella from Chimanta is the number 1...

Now I want to hear which experiences you have?


Laurent :dry:

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I agree with Ben. H. elongata is slow grower, whereas H. folliculata is really fast. I have it (H. folliculata) for 5 years and despite of many mistakes I have done in cultivation, now it is large mature plant (25 cm pitchers in height) which have already flowered. Even H. heterodoxa I have for the same time is not as vigorous (have only 10 cm pitchers).

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I too would agree that Heliamphora elongata is on the slower side, so too H. hispida and H. sarracenioides; those fastest growing would include H. chimantensis, H. folliculata, H. glabra, H. pulchella, H. tatei, H. "Akopan," and the various natural and horticultural hybrids . . .

Heliamphora heterodoxa x nutans


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