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Well, I banished all my plants to the kitchen which is cold, last September time. I accidentally let them dry out once, which has cost me a pitcher plant and a sundew. The VFT which I though lost too, is showing signs of life.


I shan't ditch the pitcher yet, as I am sure these little blighters can hold one or two surprises. Thought I'd herald spring with this pic of the recovering VFT.

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Pictures can be very deceiving, and I hope this picture is.

It appears to me that the back petiole is rotted at the soil surface (center of the plant at the soil surface). In addition there seems to be other rotting leaves. If these rotting leaves are new growth then the plant is declining.

Hopefully my vision is just bad.

Good luck with the new growing season.


Ventura California

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The black bit in the middle might just be a section dying off, if its producing new green growth then it should be fine - vfts are more resilient then people give them credit for! If there are old dead leaves in there though it would be best to remove them.


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