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Nepenthes clipeata Cultivation Survey

Guest Cokendolpher

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Guest Cokendolpher

One of the rarest of the tropical pitcher plants, Nepenthes clipeata is only found on vertical cliff faces of one mountain in Borneo. Due to a number of factors, the plant now has a low probability of surviving in the wild. While the protection of wild populations of plants is most desirable, this is a case in which ex situ conservation appears to be the approach most likely to be successful and realistic.

An unknown number of strains/clones of this species are in cultivation worldwide. The Nepenthes clipeata Survival Project (NcSP), under the auspices of The International Carnivorous Plant Society, is under development. As part of the developing conservation strategy, a survey has been developed to attempt to determine how many distinct lineages of N. clipeata are presently in cultivation. If you currently have this plant in cultivation, please submit your responses to the survey.

The questionnaire is located at: http://www.carnivorousplants.org/conservation/Nclipeata1.php. If you prefer to fill out a questionnaire and mail it (e-mail or snail mail), please let us know ([email protected]). If you have contacts that are cultivating this plant that are not members of this discussion group, we would appreciate you informing them of the survey. We can send the questionnaire, upon request, either as an e-mail attachment (preferred) or on paper. For those reading Japanese, but not English, we can send a translation.

Thanks in advance!


James Cokendolpher

Natural Science Research Lab.

Museum of Texas Tech University

[email protected] or [email protected]

Barry A. Rice, Ph.D.

Director of Conservation Programs

International Carnivorous Plant Society

[email protected]



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Hey Folks,

The Nepenthes clipeata Survival Program action plan is now on line, if you are interested in reading it. Go to http://www.sarracenia.com/faq/faq4580.html and the associated links.

This is a great opportunity for horticulturists to contribute to conservation of a desperately rare species.

We are especially interested in learning about clones in cultivation that did not come from Andreas Wistuba's nursery, but even those would be excellent entries in the database.



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Any New about this project?

It's running a few years now. 

And a lot of plants in cultivation are adult and flowering, so good to create some species seeds. 

The only problem is to find female plants, because alle wistuba clones (2, 3, u) are males. 

Anyone Haß a female plant or a plant from an other origin, not wistuba?

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The ICPS project is more or less silent as there are not many registrations done.

However we are still working.

Last year a match was made and seeds produced. The seeds got distrubuted. Ark of Life got some which went to the Hortus in Leiden for the Nepenthes Ark we have there.


As a matter of fact..if any one has a male that is going to flower about mid november - mid december please contact me.

I know a lonely female in Japan that will be flowering at that time.

The beautiful lady in question is living for many years now in a botanical garden and was originally wild collected by that botanical garden.

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