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Amorphophallus konjac flowering at last

An D Smith

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After almost 5 years of nuturing, the Amorphophallus konjac has finally flowered. It started to grow the flower two and a half months earlier than it ever grew the foliage and some hasty potting was needed.

The smell is beyond belief, something like rotting flesh with a little decomposing fish. It is attracting a large swarm of flies.

The height of the entire flower is 122cm or 4 feet. A smaller, second flower is growing up from the side. This one should be open in a couple of weeks.





I still have a few spare bulbs going free to those who pay for the postage.



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Looking good Andy! :sun_bespectacled:

Should I pot up mine now do you think as they are just starting to sprout? With the sudden change of weather I was in two minds- but guess once they start to show any kind of life than potting up and watering is ok?



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That's amazing!!

Very nice indeed..and what a wonderfull feeling of reward you must have after all those years of caring and nurturing..

A super flower!!

Thumb's up for you! :sun_bespectacled:

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